The zebra is a very gentle animal that lives in the highlands of Africa and possesses no weapons with which to fight its natural enemies. Instead, it protects itself by relying on its highly developed sense of herding.

Tokumatsu Ishikawa, the founder of Zebra Pen, adopted the zebra as the symbol of his company in 1914 to reflect his desire that all the members of the company would share a similar sense of togetherness and solidarity in making pens that are indispensable for the purpose of developing and improving culture.

The word "zebra" in Japanese can also be written with Chinese characters composed of elements which symbolise "writing" and "royalty," which Ishikawa believed was very appropriate for a company that was to devoted to the writing instruments industry.

The zebra in our trademark is looking backwards. This is to indicate that the knowledge accumulated in the past is being applied to make progress in new fields.

The power of harmony with man and the spirit of applying the lessons of history are the two pillars that provide the fundamental support for Zebra Pen.

Foto: Maedchen und Paar